Das Youth4Planet Team in Luxemburg stellt sich vor

André Oldenburg ist seit dem 1. Dezember unser neuer pädagogischer Projektmanager.

Joerg Altekruse

Marie-Paule Kremer

Paul Thiltges



About the Author J. A.

Joerg started his career as a documentary film author, director and tv producer as well as media artist focusing on environmental themes, sustainable technologies and social change. He has created and produced numerous films and spots at the nexus of history, culture and science, and has an oustanding record as media adviser and campaign developer for public and private ventures.

Now he brings all his lifetime experience to the table to create youth4planet as a bottom up platform for storytelling about the Earth, for public and private engagement inspiring young people between 5 and 25 to be curious, courageous and inquisitive about their future. Climate change is there to stay, and this generation will have to guide us through the cliffs of change. We better help them to become good artists, scientists, engineers, politicians or whatever their jobs will be, create businesses -and together find solutions for our survival on this planet.

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