Youth4planet in Luxembourg: Launch at the Ministry of the Environment

„Storytelling for sustainable solutions“

The goal of Youth4planet is to stimulate as many practical ideas as possible for the sustainable and climate-friendly development of our economy and society – and to contribute to their implementation. Based on inspiring storytelling workshops with school classes, in seminars and in youth groups, the outcome is always presented in the form of short films. Additionally Youth4planet is supporting multipliers to facilitate the development of ideas on environmental topics with digital tools such as the cell phone. The well-researched and film-packed stories of the young creatives are presented in a variety of ways to decision-makers in business and politics and to the general public.

They include a digital platform (currently under development), regular Story4change challenges and awards plus annual festival and networking events. 

In order to explore the potential for Luxembourg, the Minister of the Environment Carole Dieschbourg signed a treaty with the presidency of the non-profit Youth4planet a.s.b.l., Luxembourg on October 11th, 2018. It will allow a continuous development of its educational work and and of the networking with Luxembourg educational institutions.

A number of pilot projects in early summer this year triggered a surprisingly high demand from schools, NGOs and youth organisations like the Scouts. Youth4planet participated in the annual EDD (sustainability) week this October in cooperation with 30 and more organisations and started to train Scouts leaders in sustainability storytelling. Already 15 of this years first films made by children and young people during the Luxembourg pilot phase have been invited to run at the Environmental and Educational Media Festival MaPlanete in Metz (France) on November 16th. 

Youth4planet processes support special competencies and skills like storytelling, complex thinking, goal-oriented cooperation, global communication and media literacy to  strengthen the resilience of the next generation: we can do it together!

About the Author J. A.

Joerg started his career as a documentary film author, director and tv producer as well as media artist focusing on environmental themes, sustainable technologies and social change. He has created and produced numerous films and spots at the nexus of history, culture and science, and has an oustanding record as media adviser and campaign developer for public and private ventures.

Now he brings all his lifetime experience to the table to create youth4planet as a bottom up platform for storytelling about the Earth, for public and private engagement inspiring young people between 5 and 25 to be curious, courageous and inquisitive about their future. Climate change is there to stay, and this generation will have to guide us through the cliffs of change. We better help them to become good artists, scientists, engineers, politicians or whatever their jobs will be, create businesses -and together find solutions for our survival on this planet.

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